Been a while…

Been pretty busy, but since this COVID19 mess began, I’ve been working from home.  Spent the first two week dealing with oncall issue, then then lots of deployment issues.  Work kept me pretty busy. 

But, I finially got time to work on some of my sewing (New messanger bag in the works for me…).  BUT, Charrie started a new job at a nusting home, and they are required to wear masks when dealing with patients.  Since all her patients are potentially vulnerable individuals AND all in the same place, the nursing home takes this very seriously!   Unfortunately, they only had one mask for her.  It’s reusable, but needs to be washed every day.  This gets to be a drag very quickly!

So, my messanger bag got pushed to the side, and I started looking at masks.  She does not like the standard surgical style mask, especially with ties.  And the ties on her’s are a fairly wide, smooth ribbon.  When tied, either a pain to untie, or won’t stay tied.  So…  After much research, I made an Olsen style mask from UnityPoint Health’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnVk12sFRkY&t=59s  Little bit of a challange, but the biggest problem was getting it to fit Charrie properly.  And the pattern, for her, looked a bit big.  Works good for me though!

Not too bad for me, but not very satisfactory for Charrie.   Decided to do a bit more research before I started messing with how to scale the patter to fit her, not to mention how to get the ear loops to fit right, I found another one on YouTube that seemed to fiit the bill.  It was called the “Best Fit Face Mask” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t_Gz3lGwF8), and had some nice options for handling that pesky ear loop fit/adjustment.  Especially since finding elastic right now is nearly impossible!  So I made one up (medium) from the author’s pattern, and had Charrie test fit it. 




Fit beautifully!  So I make up two more:




All have the filter pocket added.  Even if no filter is added, there is one more layer of tigher weave cotton to help keep her bad stuff to herself, and the patient’s bad stuff, to themselves!

Not N95, but it does not need to be in this case.

Now to work on my messanger bag.  Nice tapistry looking fabric…

Test of autoposting

Verifing it still works!

IT problems at home

I was untangling a cable, and decided to use the drop off the cat walk to assist in untangling the cable.

I started to wind the 100′ cable on a cable reel, and it would not come back up.  I looked over the rail, and no cable!  So I go downstairs and find:

I follow it down the hall:

And around the corner in to the master bedroom:

Around the dresser:

And in to the master bath!

Right at the loop is where the culprit in the above picture was caught with the loop in the his mouth.  I think he found the Mother of All Strings!  I figured I had to document his IT transgressions.  No matter how hard I try, the end users still stick things in their mouths or do other silly things. (sigh)

Cleaning office

I was cleaning my office, and found this in one of my boxes.  It is the smallest 30 unit sonobe modular that I’ve made.  If I recall correctly, each piece of paper is 0.75 inches square.

Tiger, wayyyy to comfortable…

It was a bit cool the other day, and I had not turned up the heat yet, so the cats got a bit cold.  Charrie covered up Tiger, and Tiger looks nice and toasty.  Tiger stayed like this for quite some time.

With gusto!

Still trying to post an image?

Again, with feeling!

We’ll see…


Test again

Did this one do better?  No image, expected.


Did this make it to facebook?