Happy New Years

A trip down memory lane…


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 11:16:42 -0600 (CST)
From: Richard Mascio
Subject: Happy New Years@

Hi everyone! Just pausing a moment to pass on a Happy New Year wish to you all. I know we are all busy, and the Holidays just make things a little crazier yet, but I want you all to know you are never far from my mind or heart. So for this upcoming year I have a special wish for you all….

Thru the year, I wish for you..

The Joy I get when Zachary, my new Grandson, turns his head at the sound of my voice, looks at me and smiles.. (even if it’s gas… 🙂 )

The Peace I feel when he sleeps with his little head on my shoulder

The Comfort I feel when I cuddle up with Barb, under the comforter, on a cold & windy winter evening

The Love I feel when I take the time to quiet my life & listen to God remind me how much He cares, no matter what..

The Pride felt in coming home after a hard days work knowing that few could do what you do, and even less as well as you

The Hope I feel when I look in a young child’s eyes

Happiness with who you are, even if the house needs cleaned, pets need fed, car needs washed and laundry still needs done…

The Strength in trials, knowing you have already been thru worse.

And if you haven’t, finding the strength in knowing God has & will see you thru, somehow

The Faith to keep going, thru the darkness, letting your own light brighten your way

And last but not least, I wish for you all

Friends worth wishing all the very best for, as I wish for you this New Years and all to follow.

(even if we don’t send letters, emails, or phone calls on any sort of regular basis. And know that it’s not because of something we said or did, but because we are taking care of our lives, business and each other. And know that at any time, when we get together, it will be good, we will share our time, our hearts, a drink perhaps and fill each other in on our lives activities. Not knowing, when we part, when we will get together again. But knowing it doesn’t matter, because we are friends.)

I thank you all for sharing parts of your lives with me this past year and look forward to our moments together in the future!

Have a great and wonderful New Years! Fill it with all the blessings you can and then add a few for me!

With Love,
Rich Mascio

PS: Feel free to modify this, or send it to anyone you want! Have a prosperous year everyone!