Origami Architecture


  1. Get template:
  2. Tools:
    • #2 Xacto knife (or simular)
    • Cutting mat or scrap cardboard
    • Scoring tool
    • Metal ruler
    • light weight cardsock
  3. Print the template on to the cardstock. If you don’t want the crease lines or outlines to show in your final model, you can draw the image on to the paper with a pencil, allowing you to erase the lines when completed.
  4. Since I lost my ruler, I’ll be freehanding my cuts. I recommend using a ruler to keep the cut lines straight, especially the longer ones.
  5. Let’s get started!
  6. Cut out the 3 windows
  7. Cut the top, bottom and center of door. Score the “hinges” I’ve folded my doors up to allow you to see what the final result is. Don’t open the doors yet to keep them flat and out of your way.
  8. Cut the 2 long sides (top to bottom). I’ve tucked the knife through the 2 cuts to highlight them.
  9. Cut out the cross and the roof lines. The roof stops at the inner verticle lines. I’ve tucked a piece of white paper behind the cross and roof to highlight the worked area.
  10. Cut the inside edges of the stand-offs. Do not cut the small horizontal lines. The small verticle lines at the edge of the roof line are part of the stand-off. Look at the next picture and the final picture if you are not sure.
  11. Score the top and bottom creases of the standoffs. You will do this on the right and left side of the building
  12. Score the ground crease
  13. Score the bottom of the church.
  14. Carefully fold the creases to allow the church to pop forward.
  15. Fold the door outward a bit.
  16. Done!
  17. The real trick to designing OA, is figuring out where to put the stand-offs to allow the model to stand on it’s own. You can do multiple layers as well, but need to consider how deep each one has to be. If you want to design your own, start with something simple, and work your way up! Good luck!

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