Posting/Commenting Rules

  1. The owners of this blog will be the final arbiters of the rules. Yes, implicitly we believe in freedom of speech, but you are in our “living room”, so we feel it is far to impose a few rules.
  2. There are several methods of enforcing the rules. Among them are editing, deleting and blacklisting.
  3. No posts will be accepted which are illegal, unethical or immoral. If you’re not sure what this means, use your common sense and refer to rule #1.
  4. No purely commercial posts will be accepted. If the only reason you post is to get your URL in a highly visible spot, please don’t waste your time or ours. However, we do (for now) believe that pretty much any URL you wish to put in the place provided for URL (not in the comment itself) that does not violate rule #2 will be left as is. If the comment is otherwise genuine, we may move the URL to the URL place provided.
  5. Be civil. From disagreement comes growth. From rancor comes very little.
  6. Posts and comments must be in English. The official language of this site is in English, and the foster open communications, we need to speak the same language.

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