The Cats Mascio Intro

Originally posted 08/20/97

Since I (John) had a home page (actually, ~200 pages at this writing) and Charrie has one in the works, the cats (Finicky and Bandit) approached me, letting me know in that no-uncertain but subtle cat-like-way, that they felt left out. (NO! FINICKY!  NOT ON THE BED! . . . Bandit, please!  Your teeth are sharp! . . )  So in response to their gentle ways, I helped them come up with their own pages.  Given that paws are poorly suited to typing, and feline language, Mroowrr, is not understood by most people, I’ve had to assist Finicky and Bandit as translator and editor.  I hope their decidedly feline views help you understand the World of the Cat better.   Note: According to Finicky, that last term must be capitalized to show proper respect to the superior species of this, or any other, universe.  Personally, I think she is a wee bit prejudiced.

So, until another of the feline persuasion decides to adopt us, here are Finicky’s and Bandit’s Home pages



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