Hat – Success x2

After the first one, I was tempted to make a fleece-lined one with earflaps that folded up into the hat when not in use.  I thought I had enough slack in the hat size to pull it off.  After making the fleece liner and denim shell (yeah, same torn-out jeans…), I felt the fleece I used was too thick, so I abandoned the ear flaps and just finished the hat.  I think it was a good plan.  I also used some heavy-weight stabilizer in the brim and some orange (pumpkin?) thread to contrast.  I found some similar colored bias tape for the band.  I triple-stitched the top stitching to make it stand out.

All the parts are cut out.  I made a full-size crown to make it easier to cut the thick fleece:

When lining the part up, I realized I had cut both side pieces in the same direction, and had to cut the right piece.  I have enough denim for maybe a 3rd hat, so I’ll use it there at some point.

Liner assembled:

Hat completed:

Trying it on:


Now to work on a different hat for Charrie, before I move to the next step in this project: getting the machine to embroider the crown the way I want.