Paracord Wrapping a Cane

Decided I wanted to add a paracord wrap to my cane.  After looking a a number of YouTube Videos, I settled on:   I found the Turk’s Head explaination a bit difficult, but found:   So, after a couple of hours of wrapping (minus the Diet Dr. Pepper spill), I achieved:

This has about 28 feet of paracord.  I started with 30 feet, and the entire wrap is one piece.  It took (est.) about 5 feet of cord for each of the Turk’s Heads, and the entire thing covers 10.25 inches on a 1 inch diameter cane.   I’m using the Titan Warrior Cord in Forest Camo.  ( or   I found the cord substantial, but easy to work with.

I wanted to add a wrist strap to free up my hand when I need it when carrying the cane, so back to YouTube, and I found two items to use.  The first was the Cross Knot Zipper pull: and a Sliding Knot Friendship bracelet:   After playing with these a while, I settled on 4 feet of gutted paracord.  I looped the cord through one of loops in the main body of the French Hitching.  A series of Cross Knots to make a strap, and finished the end with the friendship bracelet to let me tighten it up enough to keep the cane from falling over when I need both hands.


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