We were working on our place-mats, in class tonight, but we only had one pigtail to run the yarn through for the border.  Since I had some time, I decided to try making a coaster that I originally saw at my Mom’s house.  Hers are circular or square, but you can make any number of shapes.  Regular shapes are probably the best.  The only site I can find with instructions are at:

The ones my Mom made are a little different.  Starting at the bottom:

  1. One layer of fabric, face down.
  2. Layer of batting (optional)
  3. Layer of fabric, face up
  4. the 4 folder, over lapped pieces.

Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the outside.  Trim the corners  a bit to reduce the bulk, allowing it to lay flatter.  Turn inside out and press.

All pieces are the same size.  Mine are 6″, giving a 5.5″ coaster.   This one was my practice, now to make the ones I promised Charrie.  If you have it, I would use a walking foot, since there are so many layers.  Sorry for the glare, the surface I was using was a bit shiny.


Bottom, showing the overlap

Inverted, showing the layers, after sewing and trimming.

Close up of the end, showing the various layers.

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