My First Sewing Project: Messenger Bag

Charrie and I are taking some sewing classes. She wants to learn quilting, but thought starting with some basic sewing would not be a bad idea. I have a little sewing experiance, but could use quite a bit if instruction, myself.

Our first project is a messenger bag (See & Sew Pattern B4583). I just finished mine tonight. Charrie will be done in our next class on Tuesday. I’ll post some pictures of her’s when its done.

Front, with flap closed

Front, flap open.


Back, flap open


Better shot, showing pockets

3 thoughts on “My First Sewing Project: Messenger Bag

  1. Deb Cole says:

    Now you guys can come quilting with me. I am getting ready to start a quilting only blog – I will send you the link.

    Congrats on your new skills!


  2. Lia says:

    AWESOOOOOOME!!!! I hope you get back to costume making as well. haha.

  3. mascio says:

    Maybe in a bit. I’ve found some flat/ivy/driver/golf/jeff cap patterns that I think will be my next project. I suspect the first one will be a “throw away” to see how it works and to check the fit. I found some baret patterns that Charrie may like. Not to mention, play with the embroidery aspects of my machine.

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