Cleaning office

I was cleaning my office, and found this in one of my boxes.  It is the smallest 30 unit sonobe modular that I’ve made.  If I recall correctly, each piece of paper is 0.75 inches square.

Paracord Wrapping a Cane

Decided I wanted to add a paracord wrap to my cane.  After looking a a number of YouTube Videos, I settled on:   I found the Turk’s Head explaination a bit difficult, but found:   So, after a couple of hours of wrapping (minus the Diet Dr. Pepper spill), I achieved:

This has about 28 feet of paracord.  I started with 30 feet, and the entire wrap is one piece.  It took (est.) about 5 feet of cord for each of the Turk’s Heads, and the entire thing covers 10.25 inches on a 1 inch diameter cane.   I’m using the Titan Warrior Cord in Forest Camo.  ( or   I found the cord substantial, but easy to work with.

I wanted to add a wrist strap to free up my hand when I need it when carrying the cane, so back to YouTube, and I found two items to use.  The first was the Cross Knot Zipper pull: and a Sliding Knot Friendship bracelet:   After playing with these a while, I settled on 4 feet of gutted paracord.  I looped the cord through one of loops in the main body of the French Hitching.  A series of Cross Knots to make a strap, and finished the end with the friendship bracelet to let me tighten it up enough to keep the cane from falling over when I need both hands.


Ivy cap research

Did not like the steep arc on the pattern I found.  Tore apart one of my old hats, similar to the tan one in my prior posting on hats and compared the pattern to the hat proportions I liked.

The brim pieces are 2 different sizes.  The first two pictures are of one piece.  Quite different.  The third picture shows the other piece that almost matches the pattern.


The side piece is VERY different.

And the corresponding changes in the top piece.  The back part is longer, to match the sharper and longer curve of the prior piece.

I’m planning on on creating a new pattern from the hat parts and build a second test hat.

I also found another free pattern at Urbandon.  The arc looks like it’s also pretty steep, but there is nice information on sizing, fabric and construction.

Ivy/Driver’s cap – 1st attempt

Finally found a pattern I liked for a Driving cap. (  Took some scrap cloth and threw one together.  I was not particularly precise, nor did I have fabric for a lining or a ribbon to finish the edge properly.  I’ll need to tweak it a bit, but here it is, compared to one of my standard day-to-day hats (tan, on right).  But even with it’s many flaws, I’m pleased for a practice attempt.

Coasters, again

The earlier post on coasters was my test run.  Here are the ones I actually made,


Tiger, wayyyy to comfortable…

It was a bit cool the other day, and I had not turned up the heat yet, so the cats got a bit cold.  Charrie covered up Tiger, and Tiger looks nice and toasty.  Tiger stayed like this for quite some time.

Charrie’s Messenger Bag

And here is Charrie’s Messenger Bag:


Front, open


Back, open


Closer picture of the pockets and inside print

Charrie, modeling her new bag

View of the strap

Front, again

Front, open


Charrie and I made place-mats, learning how to use a 3-hole foot and pigtail to add the yarn border.  The front is a cotton fabric, with the back a flannel to be nice to wood tables.  The original materials list called for a fleece or a felt, but I could not find any that went with the fabric chosen.  No, they are not made for Christmas, just happened to be two different colors of common fabric that we liked.  Our instructor, Karrie, was gracious to embroider the Celtic cat’s paw for us.  Charrie did the red, I did the green.


With gusto!

Still trying to post an image?

Again, with feeling!

We’ll see…